How to get experience for your CV


One of the most frustrating things when trying to find a job is being turned down because you don’t have enough experience. Most employers will expect you to have the experience required and will not allow you to use the role as a learning experience.
So how do you get experience?

Interships in theory can be a great way to gain experience. Just be careful that you do your research on the company. Some employers can take advantage of job seekers and give them unskilled roles with few learning opportunities. In general, smaller companies will be more open to taking on unpaid workers. Bigger companies can be very bureaucratic.

Start-ups are a great way to gain experience because when you get in at the early stages you get an opportunity to see most aspects of the business. Whereas if you’re working in a big firm you might speicalise in one area. In Dublin, Ireland there are a number of networking events for start-ups, one of the biggest being Entrepreneurs Anonymous. Another advantage, particualy in Dublin, there is a shortage of language skills and IT skills so there are plenty of opportunities. Again, please make sure you make it clear what experience you expect to get out of the internship as it will be mostly like unpaid.

Start your own business
Starting your own business will give you great experience and allow you to focus on the type of work you want to do. One of the first questions you’ll be asked when taking on a new client will be “Who are you’re existing clients?”. So in the beginning you may have to reduce your price or even work for free to build up references and a client list. Setting up a website can be easy using wordpress. (

Useful websites

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