Recruitment: How to find employees

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The type of role will largely determine how and where you source your future employee. The more specialized and senior the position the greater will be the tendency to use recruitment agencies. But please note the fees the charge can be very high. Normally you’d be required to pay 25% of the first year’s salary after 6 weeks. For IT workers, you can hire them on a monthly basis and receive an invoice. The agency will typically take 15-25% of the invoice fee. If the position is a junior position there are a number of places you can source employees cheaply.

On a Budget

  • A very useful and low cost website to source employees is There is no charge to post a job and the website is very popular both among Irish people and foreign people living in Dublin.
  • Facebook groups. There are a number of Facebook groups specific to Dublin and often to nationalities which can be useful for posting jobs. eg Italiani a Dublino , Jobs in Dublin
  • Linkedin: If you’ve already built up a network this can be a very useful place to share your new position. Like with facebook there are a number of groups.
  • Networking: There are a number of free network events on in Dublin which will give you the opportunity to meet new people in business in Dublin. is a very useful website for this with  Entrepreneurs Anonymous Dublin being one of the biggest and most popular.
  • This is a very popular discussion forum in Ireland. There is an entrepreneurial forum which is very useful for getting advice on recruitment or an business issues in general



  • One of the biggest job websites in Ireland is It costs €950 + VAT to post your job for 28 days. Others include,,
  • Recruitment agencies: As mentioned already they will typically charge a 20% fee of the first year salary so a €50K position will cost €10k after 6 weeks.



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