Road Block to Starting: Business Partners



Given the increasing levels of specialisation it can be very difficult to start a business on your own. In a lot of cases this can be overcome by hiring someone for small projects eg designing a logo, building a simple website etc. In other cases the cost is so great it is not possible to finance these costs from your own funds. The ideal situation would be to find a business partner who has the necessary skills you lack. But to find the right person is a very long and frustrating process.

Where to search

Currently I’m not aware of any well established websites which specialises in finding business partners (if there are please comment below). Linkedin is useful but it’s goal is for you to connect to people you know. It’s also very broad, being targeted at anyone in business and not specifically aimed at those looking for a business partner. There is a small forum on, (here) allows people to post a message looking for a business partner.

Another way to find a business partner could be through the number of networking meetings on I would recommend Entrepreneurs Anonymous it’s one of the most popular.


One of the biggest problems in the small area of networking to find a business partner is “Ideas People”. People who think that 90% of business success is based on the amazing new unique idea they have. There philosophy is “I came up with the idea, now you (my new business partner) need to do the work”. Often they have a new idea for an app / website that’s going to make millions (that’s why they can’t tell you about it) and expect someone to design and develop everything for a small percentage. If you are one of these people please refrain from trying to find a business partner, you’re wasting peoples’ time. The formula starts with 99% perspiration…



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