Selling With Video



Video is a great way to communicate with your customers. It allows them to see your product in much greater detail than can be communicated by text or images. It helps to reduce the level of uncertainty associated with something that is new to them, increasing the likely hood of a sale.

Video is also cheap. You can record a great video for the web on your iphone. In some cases it may be better to use cheap equipment as the videos can seem more genuine and less manufactured like infomercials in the US (“That’s not all. You also get…!!”, “Wait there’s more!”) . Low cost video could work really well with low cost consumer products particularly from very small businesses. Obviously with professional services this would be a disaster. Videos also work really well for customer reviews.

What do do next

You can start by recording a simple product review video on your iphone. You can hire local people from to give their opinions on your product / service. It will cost very little, you can then upload the videos on youtube for free. You can then embed the videos next to the products / services they relate to provide more information. If it goes well then you could try hiring a professional cameraman.



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