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When starting off you need to keep your costs as low as possible. If this is your first venture you have to expect it to fail, learn from the experience and start your next venture. The purpose behind keeping your costs low is it will give you the opportunity to try again.

One of the first things you’ll need to get created is your logo. You will need your logo for your web designer (don’t expect him to do this for free), it’s one of the first things that will be requested. Logo costs vary greatly. One designer I spoke with told me

The success of your company is heavily dependent on your branding and your logo…. It’s all about the meaning behind your logo…I could easily spend a month working on designing a logo…“.

Unfortunately as you can see, unlike most other professions where there is a positive relationship between costs and value added, a lot of “marketing experts” increase their costs by talking shit.  So costs can literally vary from €50 – €5,000 for the same thing.

If it’s your first company I would advise you try to use You can get a logo designed for as little as €50. All you need is to provide a colour scheme and sample logos of what you like. Also, some of the designers don’t charge unless you’re happy with the logo. The funds are kept in escrow and only released when you’re satisfied.



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