How to Register a Business Name in Ireland


You are required to register a business name if you are trading under a different name other than your own or the legal name of your company. The easiest way to register a business name in Ireland is through the CRO’s core website. To register you will need the standard requested information to register on a website as well as your PPS number.

Step 1: Check the name is available

The first thing to do is first check the business name is available. The CRO does not perform checks on the business name you register and it is your responsibility to ensure you have the right to use the business name. If the company name is registered but the company is no longer trading you have to wait 20 years before you can use it again.

Step 2: Register on

If the name is available you can then go to and register. As mentioned above you will need to have a PPS number. Once your account is created you can then start the registration process.

Step 3: Register the name on

To register a businss name on click “File a Form”, under “Business Names” click “Register a Business Name”. Next you’ll be asked to select the entity type. (Individual (Sole Trader), Partnership or Corporate Body). Click next and then enter the company name. To select the relevant code click on “Find” and select the appropriate category. Don’t worry if yours isn’t listed, you can enter a custom category. Finally, to enter your address click “Find”. (This is the address of the business).

The remaining inputs are standard. If you’re registering a business name for a company you’ll need the company number. (Which you can find through the CRO’s search facility). If you’re registering as an individual you’ll need to enter your contact details.

Step 4: Sign and return to the CRO

When you complete the process make sure you click on “Form Summary Details” to download the form. Simply sign and return to the CRO. It can take two weeks or more to register a business name. You’ll receive an email telling you they’ve received the form. Roughly 3-4 days later, if there are no issues, the business name will be registered. They usually don’t tell you it’s registered but you can log into core to check the status of the business name.



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