Setting up a limited company in Ireland for €51.02



Ireland is one of the least bureaucratic countries in Europe when it comes to forming a limited company. This process is handled by the Companies Registration Office (CRO). They are a very helpful and very efficient organisation. Most limited companies can be setup in less than two weeks. If you have any questions they are happy to provide advice over the phone.

The companies act of 2014 makes it very easy to setup a limited company. The best way to setup a company is through This is the CRO’s online filing website. To register all you need is a PPS number. To create a company you need to complete a form A1 and a company constitution, which the CRO provide. There are no stated objectives for a limited company so you can use the generic template they provide.

At a minimum you need two people to be a part of the company. One director and one secretary. The company must have at least one director who is a resident of the EU or  Iceland, Norway & Liechtenstein.

Form A1
Below are some of the questions you will need to answer on the Form A1. 

Name: Include the full name ie Your Company Limited
Type: Select Ltd – Private Company Limited by Shares
Subscribers to constitution: This needs to be signed by the directors & secretaries
Company Capital:

If the company is only for yourself (ie one shareholder) you can enter the following:
Total value authorised shares: €1
Total number authorised shares: 1
Class of authorised shares: Ordinary
Number in each class: 1
Total value issued shares: €1
Total number issued shares: 1
Class of shares issued: Ordinary
Number in each class: 1
Consideration for each share: €1

NACE Code: Simply select the relevant industry for your company.


You can find the CRO’s constitution template here. Simply update it for your situation. Remember both the director and the secretary must appear here.

Once all the above is completed simply print out the from at the end of the Core process and send it to the CRO. If you’ve made any mistakes they’ll return the form you sent and tell you what mistakes you made.


€50 – CRO filing fee
€0.10 – Printing
€0.20 – Envelope
€0.72 – Stamp

Total  €51.02

Note: If you want to trade under a different name than Your Company Limited you need to register the name with the CRO. First check the name is not being used by someone else. The CRO fee is €20.



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